A few words about Nik...

Nik was born in Athens, Greece. He studied in the UK and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Electronics Engineering and an MSc in Mobile & Satellite Communications. He then spent a few years working in this field asNik an R&D engineer. It was during that period when he deeply felt the need to practice a profession that would assist people in conducting a happier life. 


Through his practice in Tai chi under the guidance of Tew Bunnag and his disciple Napoleon Xifaras, Nik appreciated the close relationship between the body, the mind and the soul and the need of love and compassion as the key for a happy life and ultimately a means to healing. The compassionate touch of Shiatsu within Tai chi Calligraphythe framework of western and oriental medicine fascinated Nik, who decided to study at the Greek branch of European School of Shiatsu (now called OM Training centre), under Ilaira Bouratinos.


When he moved back to London Nik opened his Shiatsu practice. His goal is to provide his clients with relief and support and to help them embrace themselves as much as possible. His treatments are based on Shiatsu and Sotai techniques. Sotai is a Japanese corrective bodywork method based on principles of physiotherapy. Tai chi and Qi Gong are also incorporated in his treatments as an active way of bodywork and hopefully a means to self awareness. 

Clients' feedback 

"...His approach was to listen and diagnose, give useful and appropriate advice and then do a very thorough and enjoyable shiatsu massage..."   Read more

 Bret and Evy, Sidcup 


"....His caring approach to Shiatsu and the sensitivity and expertise he showed about my condition were a true blessing in such a special time of my life...." Read more

Maria, Sydenham


".....He showed a great deal of respect towards me and my problem, always made sure I was feeling comfortable and I was getting what I needed from the therapy...."  Read more

Elena, Athens