"Nik treated me during the second trimester of my pregnancy, when I was having some pretty bad digestion problems and struggling to sleep. Thanks to him, my digestions significantly improved, I went back to sleep all nights and I generally felt much more relaxed and full of energy. His caring approach to Shiatsu and the sensitivity and expertise he showed about my condition were a true blessing in such a special time of my life. I have tried a number of other therapies and practitioners, but Nik is definitely gifted and his Shiatsu proved to be the most gentle and effective therapy I've ever had. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health"

Maria  Sydenham


“We came across Nik at TheWayOfShiatsu and have been extremely impressed by his wide knowledge, professionalism and friendliness.  My wife and I have tried several different types of massage and their practitioners over the years and this gave us a broad level of experience by which to assess Nik. I personally had a long term health problem which Nik’s expertise helped enormously in recovering from. His approach was to listen and diagnose, give useful and appropriate advice and then do a very thorough and enjoyable shiatsu massage. Genuinely and highly recommended!”

Bret and Evy – Sidcup


“I had never tried Shiatsu massage before, but I need to admit that my experience with Nik was wonderful. Being a mother of two, I rarely find time to relax and whenever this is possible I cant help but feeling stressed and nervous. During our sessions with Nik, I manage to disconnect and let go any worries, while I enjoy his supportive and caring massage. The after session night sleep is always deep and I feel tonified and full of energy for the following days. Also my irregular menstrual cycles have surprisingly improved. Definitely recommended!”

Stella – Dulwich


“Nik is a great therapist. When I came across him, I was suffering from panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep well at nights, I was cracking my teeth and my body was very tense and stiff, which meant I was under quite a lot of pain. After my very first session with Nik, I could already notice a huge difference. My sleep improved significantly, I stopped cracking my teeth and my body was relaxed.


By then, I had tried many different therapies without success and it was only Nik’s Shiatsu that finally improved my health. He helped me relax, cope with the stress I had at the time and removed my muscle pain. I felt healed and relieved both in a spiritual and a physical level, and I do feel I owe him a lot.


Nik is also a very caring practitioner. He showed a great deal of respect towards me and my problem, always made sure I was feeling comfortable and I was getting what I needed from the therapy. He is very dedicated, he practices with love and compassion and his energy is friendly, calm and peaceful.


I am truly grateful for having come across him and I highly recommend his services.”


Elena – Athens